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Fact or Fiction – Canon to Sony NEX-5 camera lens adapters


I own a Sony NEX-5 camera. Which, for the record, I love.

For Christmas this year my parents, in a leap of technical know-how, gave me a Canon EF-S 55 – 250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Image Stabilizer lens. Clearly that won’t fit my camera, but they where ahead of me on this and had also purchased a Maxim Canon EOS EF S Lens to Sony NEX E Adapter Mount.

Now, the Canon lens fits the Adapter without any problems. But the Adapter does not fit my camera. According to the product details it should fit my NEX-5, but alas, it doesn’t!

I confess to previously not knowing anything about using adapters in this way and spent a little time doing some research online. It seems it’s quite a common practice and people are doing it, especially as the Sony lenses are so expensive. Read the rest of this entry


Wizarding in Puzzlewood


Those of you in the UK may know that season four of the BBC’s Merlin is coming to a close on Christmas Eve. I’ve watched the series since the first episode in 2008 and have largely enjoyed it.

There is a real challenge in taking such an ingrained myth and re-working it and you will never please everyone. I believe that the great value in storytelling is the new embellishments added generation on generation that take a short tale to an epic myth. With this in mind I respect the efforts that the BBC have made to do justice to the legend of Arthur whilst bringing it to a new audience.

Unfortunately, I’ve felt that there are times when the script writers and directors have let themselves down, some episodes have seemed rushed and cobbled together. There has been an embarrassing array of contrived actions that make little or no sense, with characters acting unthinkingly as if to avoid a deeper or more complex storyline.

Yet I am conscious that the original myth is even more simple, painted in broad strokes so do we want realism or just rip-roaring fun with shallow, easy to follow, heroes and villains?

Is the BBC just trying to walk a fine line between the two? Read the rest of this entry

Spring Photos


Glorious spring day here over the weekend and couldn’t resist taking some photos. The first is sort of ‘arty’, myself and my daughter in shadow form. I’ve played with this before but not quite to good enough effect.

One of my potted shrubs is already growing new leaves. I wanted to experiment with photographing against a white backdrop, but ended up with some light grey card instead. The session was interrupted by my impatient daughter pulling at the branch, but I managed to snap this first. I feel like there’s something here not quite uncovered.

Light and Dark


I spent a week visiting my parents and took the chance to snap some shots.

These were my Christmas present to my mum, so far they’ve survived temperatures of -15 and 8 inch thick ice, and they still look like little bubbles settled on the water. Hard to capture well though!


I’m not sure about this photograph. I think it’s a little on the dark side, but maybe that’s ok. I’m sure this guy has a name, will update you if I find out!

Taken using the sunset setting on my camera. I had to play with this a bit in Gimp as the original was too dark,  but I am quite pleased with the final result. I have a few to work on, I feel there’s something in the tangle of black branches against the colour of the sky…

Finally, something completely different. Taken a few days ago, I just like the look of this photo. Not sure it’s quite ‘there’ but there’s something to explore..

Promise of spring


I took my little girl out for a walk in the garden this morning and we went on a snowdrop hunt. I wasn’t even sure we had any, but snuck a look behind a bush and there were three lovely clumps. Still only buds, but I think they’ll be opening soon. I took some snaps to play with the macro mode on my camera and I’m quite pleased with the results. Played a little with the selective colorization again. What do you think?

Then, as I was playing with angles and lighting, my daughters boots came into view. She wandered off, but I managed to coax her back and got these two shots which I really like 🙂

Winter Walks


Well, I’ve been particularly lax in my posting of late and I have very little excuse except lack of time, energy and inspiration. I took a long walk through my local woods today and snapped some pictures which I thought I would share with you.

First, my darling daughter….aka forest elf.

This next one is my attempt to photograph some movement, but I need to play more with the settings on the camera to capture it properly I think. Still, I quite like the photo anyway.

I love the light quality in this next photo, and the tangle of the winter branches. Something lonely about this photograph, counterpoised by the sunlight.

Finally a little close up of some ivy. I really like how it wraps around the branch. I’m a big ivy fan at the best of times!



One of my other creative outlets is photography. I don’t even pretend to be any good at this, but I am trying to learn a little and have felt able to put some of my photos up on my walls over the past year. For christmas I was gifted a very fancy Sony Nex-5K camera. I am only just learning what it is!

My family went for a walk at the local reservoir today and I took some photos which I’ve played with a little. Thought I’d share them here.

Finally, this is a work in progress, but my first attempt at this sort of editing.