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Thought for Food – My food waste challenge part 2


Waste not, want notWell, I should first say that I did not achieve my goal. I did throw some food away, despite my best efforts.

However, I do think it was a worthwhile exercise, and I am trying again this week.

What I did realise is this: Read the rest of this entry


Waste not want not, the food waste challenge


Waste not, want notToday’s topic is Food Waste. It was reached in a roundabout manner during a conversation that started with the lack of snow and ended with  fox hunting. But somewhere in the middle was a sojourn into the appalling waste of food that takes place in our country, and the world in general.

A new report by the The Institution of Mechanical Engineers claims that up to half of the world’s food is wasted.


An estimated 870 million people around the globe do not have enough food to eat. Read the rest of this entry