Fact or Fiction – Canon to Sony NEX-5 camera lens adapters


I own a Sony NEX-5 camera. Which, for the record, I love.

For Christmas this year my parents, in a leap of technical know-how, gave me a Canon EF-S 55 – 250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Image Stabilizer lens. Clearly that won’t fit my camera, but they where ahead of me on this and had also purchased a Maxim Canon EOS EF S Lens to Sony NEX E Adapter Mount.

Now, the Canon lens fits the Adapter without any problems. But the Adapter does not fit my camera. According to the product details it should fit my NEX-5, but alas, it doesn’t!

I confess to previously not knowing anything about using adapters in this way and spent a little time doing some research online. It seems it’s quite a common practice and people are doing it, especially as the Sony lenses are so expensive.

When I spoke to my local Jessops they knew nothing about it and the Canon rep who happened to be in that day had also never heard of Canon to Sony adapters.

The retailer who sold the adapter was extremely surprised that the adapter didn’t fit. More than happy to take return of the product, but unable to explain what the problem might be.

I’m now wondering if perhaps they simply sent the wrong adapter.

Hopefully all will be revealed, but I wonder if anyone out there can shed any light on this? It’s frustrating that I’ve not been able to try out my new lens!


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