“You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” Mark Twain

When researching blogging the overwhelming advice was to have a focus. Plenty of people out there are posting on anything and everything that crosses their minds, but blogs that have a specific focus have a target audience and get followers. Well, that’s the theory.

However, a theme can be restrictive. Imagine, if you will, a blog on chickens, there is eventually a limit to how much one can write about chickens. Even the author may get bored, although as I write this my head is filling up with ideas for chicken related posts.

With this advice in mind my focus is my journey as a creative writer. Yet I find my inspiration lacking from time to time, of course there are topics and I do my best to honour them, but not enough to keep the posts flowing with the regularity I would prefer.

Whereas there are so many things coming into my field of vision every day that I would love to post about, not least the topics I’m coming across as a result of my time with Women’s Views on News (WVoN). For example shouldn’t I be talking about the story of the man who cut off the fingers of his 21-year-old wife when he found out she was studying for a degree without his permission (WVoN story here)? Or the fact that the National Women’s Council of Ireland have just had their budget cut by a massive 35%, just days after finally pushing through a bill to ensure women are represented in government through a quota system. Or how about the incredibly uncomfortable but powerful website Unbreakable?

How do I keep my focus and keep a lively and interesting blog? What is the true value in a blog, the true nature and reason for it?

Is the issue here that my theme is simply not focussed enough? Perhaps chickens provide you with such a focussed subject that you really can drill into each area, whereas ‘creativity’ ‘writing’ are such subjective matters that one will always struggle to stand out from the crowd?


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  1. I spent two years running a magazine department at WHSmiths. You learn things in that job including the fact that, come rain or shine, every month Practical Poultry has something new to say about chickens.

    Anyway, I don’t think that the fact creativity and writing are subjective matters is such a problem. People write wonderfully about those subjects all the time, however what seems to happen is they focus each individual feature on the particular aspect that appeals to them most at the time.

    So I suppose they find a way to select a number of focuses within a theme.

    That might be useful, that might not be useful, but that’s what I’ve got. Also, if somebody gets you a book voucher for Christmas and you’re blessed enough to live somewhere with a decent book store, I heartily recommend “The Curtain” by Kundera. He manages to focus very well within a large theme.

    • I know! I know! All I can think about is chicken articles now. I’ve come up with at least 50 this afternoon.

      Thanks for your comments, I think you’re probably right, it’s about finding a focus within a theme, perhaps my problem is finding that focus.. I will definitely check out “The Curtain”.

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