Lingerie Football League


During one of my recent shifts over at Women’s Views on News (WVoN) I was directed to an article about how the American Women’s Lingerie Football League was considering setting up a youth league.

What on earth was the Lingerie Football League I wondered?

Well. I’m almost sorry I asked.

This growing ‘sport’ sees attractive young women playing full-tackle American football in panties, bras, garters and suspenders. Most of them cute little chokers too. There’s no doubt about it. These women are fit, some are actually semi-professional sportswomen, but these women are not picked for these credentials. They’re picked for how they look in their underwear.

I’m not going to go into full detail here, you can read my article over at WVoN. Please do take a look. This is an example of mainstream prime-time entertainment gone mad. What I find deeply disturbing is that they want to expand into Europe.

Women can play ‘male’ sports and are doing a good job of it. They don’t need to do it in their underwear, any more than the men do!


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