Writers write, right?


I’m setting myself a task. I will update my blog (at least) twice a week. There! I’ve said it. Now all I need to do is stick to it.

It’s getting beyond a joke. My writing needs, well, writing. The ideas are there but rarely make it past that. I now have some significant background notes on a few short story ideas, a couple of articles, a potential novel, a few ideas for non-fiction. Yet nothing is moving forward. I’ve a list of competitions as long as my arm that I hope will provide some structure/encouragement to my writing, setting some deadlines that can’t be shifted.

I started writing this blog to improve my confidence, to give me focus and, above all, to encourage me to write. Writers write, right?….that’s what they say anyway.

It’s astonishing how easily distracted I am from the task at hand.  I sit down to write a blog entry and an idea takes me, so I do a little research, and find my way through a number of interesting sites. Then my time’s up, and my blog is still not updated. I decide I need to post more to Twitter, but find myself caught up reading other people’s tweets and an informing hour later, I’ve not even peeped, let-alone tweeted! You’d be amazed at how long I can spend trawling through the latest WordPress themes!  Even when I’m reasonably focussed another idea pops into my head and I’m off down another path before I know it.

The worst of it is that if you try to do more than one thing at once you might succeed but you’ll not do any of it to the best of your ability. So whilst I’m reading other tweets I’ve half a mind guiltily thinking I should be writing my own. I skim through the ‘research’ knowing I should be writing. I make sudden decisions on blog themes aware of the time I’m ‘wasting’ on the look of a site when content is king! New ideas get cursory glances, perhaps not even noted down, I shouldn’t be thinking of them right now after all!

So what now?

Well to start with, I’ll dedicate my free time twice a week to writing my blog. Ideas that occur will go into an ‘ideas’ book. I will make time to research and follow twitter that is separate from the time I am writing and updating.Time to bring some structure into my creative tendencies!


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