Women’s Views


So, what do you think of the new look? I’m thinking it’s a little lighter a little more creative and a lot more fun than the old one. Maybe, just maybe, it will inspire me to post more often 😉

Whilst I’ve been very quiet here, I have been a little more active elsewhere. Mostly as a co-editor at Women’s Views on News, a not-for-profit project covering news from around the world about women. A survey carried out in March 2010 by Global Media Monitoring Project found that women are featured in only around a fifth of international news headlines and just 10 per cent of all news stories.  With women making up about 50% of the global population (give or take a few) this is clearly gender-biased inequality at work. Women’s Views on News challenges that and is aiming to redress the balance by highlighting the stories about and for women.

As well as running current news stories, the site editors also write features about issues effecting women around the world and draw attention to campaigns and groups working towards improving life for women everywhere.

So far I’ve found my time with the project really interesting and enjoyable. I have always taken an active interest in current affairs and especially equality (or all too often inequality) in the world and this has given me an opportunity to deepen my understanding of this area and to maybe make a difference to some of what’s going on. I’m getting the chance, encouragement and motivation to write regularly and to a deadline, to get published with help and advice and to learn more about what is going on in the world.

While my ultimate aim is to make a living from writing, this seems to me to be a worthwhile step in the right direction and I’m considering looking into other voluntary writing opportunities, time willing of course!


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