Turning to the sun


Late last night my mobile phone told me (unless I was dreaming or hallucinating, both of which were possible due to the Man Flu I apparently have) that today we moved to British Summertime.

Before you rush off to check your clocks (or my sanity) I’ll clarify that my mobile phone was, of course, wrong. It’s the 27th March, not February that the clocks ‘spring’ forward and we lose a precious hour.

This experience, combined with the warm sun sneaking through the cracks in my black-out lined curtains, is making me impatient for Spring to hurry up and get a move on. The first signs of the new natural year, snowdrops, increased bird song and green daffodil leaves are only making it worse. It’s like these things are taunting us. “Spring is so close you can almost touch it…but you can’t have it for at least another month!”

As a teenager I would lie in the bath at my family home and sink as low as possible so I couldn’t see the tops of the leafless trees, but instead the expanse of blue sky, occaisional white cloud, and then, for a few minutes, I could pretend it was summer.

I like the sun. Winter makes me feel like I’m hibernating. Stuck in a holding pattern.Everything feels heavy and slow. Movements and brain waves. It’s almost as if the darkness of winter is a physical presence, pushing down on my creativity. Perhaps I’m solar powered? When the sun starts to shine (and it does on occaision through the winter months) I turn my face to it, like a flower, and it flows through me and energizes me and I feel buoyant and creative and as though there is promise of better things.

So roll on Spring. I’ll even give you an hour of my life as payment for the promise you bring.


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