50 Word Story!?


Sonia at Doing the Write Thing is going to think I’m going all “Single White Female” on her I’m sure 😉 I was inspired by her blog about The February Challenge – 50 word story by Mura over at Cafe Muravyets and so decided to give this challenge a go.

Wow, 50 words is nothing! Especially when you have to include 5 specific words, so it’s really just 45. Squeezing something that made any sort of sense, let alone had the essence of a story into so few words was a real…challenge. The bit I found hardest, however, was thinking up something other than a surprise birthday party. Which, I did go with at first. Then I read the other comments, and realised I was (probably unsurprising) by no means the only person to think of it!

So, I did what I find works for me best, I just wrote something and then made it fit the brief. I’m quite pleased with the end result. Well, pleased enough to post it on a stranger’s blog and here…

The facade of the family mausoleum looked as always. This was the tenth year she’d come, yearning for what she never understood.

Her brother watched from the shadows, infused by a vicarious thrill at her presence, so full of life, life he would drink in a blink of her eyes.


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  1. And the result is fantastic, if you don’t mind a stranger saying so. 😉 Tnanks so much for posting to my little challenge. I’m so glad people are enjoying it as much as I do. Yay!

  2. Wow! Great story! I think it really is an inspiring story form. It’s great to see what others do with it. I’ve hear folks talk about how there’s no new plot lines because they’ve all been done before, blah blah blah. But each person brings a unique voice. Each one of us that took the same elements and theme created something entirely different. It’s really lovely to behold.

    • I agree Sonia. Actually one of the most rewarding things I’m getting from the blogging experience is seeing what other people are writing, either in blogs or little exercises and challenges like one.word or the 50 word story etc. Writing, in whatever form, can be quite a solitary process, and it’s nice to know others are going through it, coming up with similar or entirely different results.

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