Sonia M over at Doing the write thing posted about nice little daily writing exercise. They give you a word, you get 60 seconds to write about it. It’s a fun little motivational thing, so I figured I’d give it a go.

Today’s word was “Chocolate”.

Chocolate is my heart’s desire right now, as I’m trying to be “good” so no to chocolate. And that is almost all I want most of the time. The melt of it in my mouth as I sip warm tea on chilled dark chocolate. Or the softness of praline and the nutty taste as it slides down my throat.

Brings to mind streams of conciousness, one of my personal favourite styles of writing. Of course it’s not great for long pieces that other people have to read, usually too convoluted, but it’s a nice starting point and can give inspiration!


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  1. Sorry! Sorry! I should put a disclaimer on my site. “The author takes no responsibility for the impact that her posts may have on your diet” 😉

    At least the picture links through to a recipe to satisfy the chocolate craving…not helping? No…ah.

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