Characterisation – Aspirations


I’m not well, and it’s late and I’m doped up on “don’t operate machinery whilst using these” drugs. Does a laptop count as machinery? Probably not for the purposes of blogging, although there are plenty of times when people should be kept away from keyboards whilst ‘under the influence’ of something or other…anyway, I digress (I did warn you!).

I’ve spent the afternoon catching up on Season 3 of Skins and have been reminded just how well written this series is. The storylines are exotic and extreme, fun and highly unlikely.  But what I really enjoy about this show are the characters who, though painted a little brightly, are at the heart genuinely believable. You laugh and cry along with them and bite your nails as they get themselves into, and then out of, the most awful teenage scrapes. You care about what happens to them, and that is what is important, because this show runs on its characters.

To illustrate this, it’s taken me years to get round to watching Series 3, simply because the entire cast from series 1 & 2 was swapped out with the exception of the bit-part character Effy, who has taken over the central role from her brother. I couldn’t imagine how it could be as good with a whole new team, it was the actors surely, that made it? But no. Having watched four episodes of Series 3 it’s clearly the writing, backed up by good acting of course!

So, I’m not going into to now, because it’s too late, and I’m too ill and really really should have passed out by now…but I’m making a mental, and blogging, note to explore characterisation in more depth.

Because I want to write characters like the writers of Skins do. 😉


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