Inspiring spam


I was inspired yesterday, by a spam email of all things.

“Failing love life?”

caught out of the corner of my eye, became “Falling love life” and a seed planted itself, an image of an angel falling to earth as he falls in love. I’ve been toying with the idea ever since, a story beginning to take form in my mind, but, growing fast, if not faster, are the cracks in the concept. A lack of confidence in the story’s viability is creeping in, even before I’ve written a word….If I cannot see the whole story then I feel unable to begin to write it.

Experience has shown me that I write best when I just begin and let the story grow along the way, coming back later to edit and chop and change as the story develops, fueled by itself. When I write my best, I often feel that I am simply a conduit for the story, rather than inventing it. So why then, am I paralysed by the need to see the whole thing before I can have faith in it enough to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard? The amount of unwritten tales I have whirling around my head is ridiculous, when at the same time I plead lack of inspiration.

I need the confidence to begin and I will only get that by beginning and, above all, finishing. A difficult ‘chicken and egg’ scenario that I continue to struggle with.


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