One of the threads I’m pursuing at the moment is acquiring some qualifications in proofreading and copy editing with a view to being able to potentially use these skills to provide me with some bread-and-butter income whilst I, ultimately and ideally, work on copy writing. I completed the second unit of my current course in Basic Proofreading a few weeks ago. Yesterday I received an email saying they had posted my assignment back to me earlier this week but forgotten to include the comment sheet, which was considerately attached to the email. The unfortunate thing about this is that Royal Mail seem to have lost the ability to deliver post on time what with all the pre-christmas panic and blizzard conditions, and the assignment has yet to drop through my letterbox, so I now have comments but no grade.I’m trying, and failing, not to guess my results based on the comments.

I’m not very positive about the likely result though, as I completed the assignment during a particularly stressful few days when I was highly unlikely to have been performing at my best. On the other hand, if I can do ‘ok’ under those circumstances, then I can definitely do well normally….at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, but patience is a virtue that seems to have passed me by…


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