Ready, Steady….


Go! Well, not quite. Once again my enthusiasm for starting a creative project has been somewhat hobbled by the practicalities of such endeavours. When I flicked through my fresh new copy of “Writing Magazine” this morning and read the article on blogging I was convinced this was the way forward. I’m web savvy, I’ve set up a blog before, how hard can it be? Well, half a day later, it’s finally here and I have no idea what most of it does.  It’s already half an hour after my bedtime and choosing a ‘theme’ feels almost as important a decision as choosing a house, and do I really need all these widgets?….and, and, and! Still, if I don’t start writing, I never will. So, here it is. The first post about my creative tendencies and how I am going to see what I can do with them. Stay tuned.


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  1. Hi! I just (re)started my blog and opened it up to the world- which let wordpress suggest other blogs I might be interested in. Well their algorithm worked. I read some of your posts and like the way you write and your topics. Plus your pictures are beautiful! Hope you keep blogging – I will subscribe and read if you do! Have fun.

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