Monthly Archives: December 2010

Inspiring spam


I was inspired yesterday, by a spam email of all things.

“Failing love life?”

caught out of the corner of my eye, became “Falling love life” and a seed planted itself, an image of an angel falling to earth as he falls in love. I’ve been toying with the idea ever since, a story beginning to take form in my mind, but, growing fast, if not faster, are the cracks in the concept. A lack of confidence in the story’s viability is creeping in, even before I’ve written a word….If I cannot see the whole story then I feel unable to begin to write it.

Experience has shown me that I write best when I just begin and let the story grow along the way, coming back later to edit and chop and change as the story develops, fueled by itself. When I write my best, I often feel that I am simply a conduit for the story, rather than inventing it. So why then, am I paralysed by the need to see the whole thing before I can have faith in it enough to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard? The amount of unwritten tales I have whirling around my head is ridiculous, when at the same time I plead lack of inspiration.

I need the confidence to begin and I will only get that by beginning and, above all, finishing. A difficult ‘chicken and egg’ scenario that I continue to struggle with.


Results Part 2


The post brought my assignment results this morning and, as expected, they were a smidge off ‘good’. Unfortunate as my overall marks were very high, just fell very low on a few areas which brought the general mark down. Damn those averages!

I guess if I could just do it perfectly at the start the course would be a waste of time. So I’m going to pick myself up, and carry on. At least now I have some specific areas to focus on and they all relate to a couple of key points, picking up editor errors and querying things to check later. I think both of these come down to my grasp of grammar which is hazy at best and something I know I need to work on. Still I have a copy of The Oxford A-Z of Grammar & Punctuation and I will start to make greater use of it.



One of the threads I’m pursuing at the moment is acquiring some qualifications in proofreading and copy editing with a view to being able to potentially use these skills to provide me with some bread-and-butter income whilst I, ultimately and ideally, work on copy writing. I completed the second unit of my current course in Basic Proofreading a few weeks ago. Yesterday I received an email saying they had posted my assignment back to me earlier this week but forgotten to include the comment sheet, which was considerately attached to the email. The unfortunate thing about this is that Royal Mail seem to have lost the ability to deliver post on time what with all the pre-christmas panic and blizzard conditions, and the assignment has yet to drop through my letterbox, so I now have comments but no grade.I’m trying, and failing, not to guess my results based on the comments.

I’m not very positive about the likely result though, as I completed the assignment during a particularly stressful few days when I was highly unlikely to have been performing at my best. On the other hand, if I can do ‘ok’ under those circumstances, then I can definitely do well normally….at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, but patience is a virtue that seems to have passed me by…

Ready to write?


I’ve spent the afternoon Christmas shopping and, as I trudged through the crowds and the sleet carrying far too many bags, I mulled over my options for this post. I finally decided to begin at the beginning. When I say decided, I just mean settled on the idea for long enough to get this written and posted. You see I’m not really one hundred percent sure where or how to begin, and that is one of my biggest writing blocks, but we’ll get on to that another time.

Everything I’ve read on writing says the key thing is, obviously enough, to write. More recent articles extoll the virtues of blogging as a way to get into the habit of writing and expressing yourself regularly, whilst also providing a showcase for your writing skills. I can see the value in this, so that is why I’m here. I’m not however convinced I can see the value of what I have to say… we’ll get onto that another time too I think.

I want to use this blog to document, journal, diary etc, my exploration of my writing skills. I am taking something that I feel, in my core, is something I should be doing, and could maybe even make money doing, and exploring whether or not that is a reality or simply a pipe dream. My intention is that this blog follows and hopefully informs that journey. Whether or not it actually works that way remains to be seen. For now, however, you at least have an idea of what we’re doing here.

Oh, if you’re Christmas shopping over the next few days, I would recommend thick gloves, not to keep you warm, but to protect your hands from the bite of bag handles….

Ready, Steady….


Go! Well, not quite. Once again my enthusiasm for starting a creative project has been somewhat hobbled by the practicalities of such endeavours. When I flicked through my fresh new copy of “Writing Magazine” this morning and read the article on blogging I was convinced this was the way forward. I’m web savvy, I’ve set up a blog before, how hard can it be? Well, half a day later, it’s finally here and I have no idea what most of it does.  It’s already half an hour after my bedtime and choosing a ‘theme’ feels almost as important a decision as choosing a house, and do I really need all these widgets?….and, and, and! Still, if I don’t start writing, I never will. So, here it is. The first post about my creative tendencies and how I am going to see what I can do with them. Stay tuned.